What's happening out there?


If anyone has photos of the park they'd like to share with the rest of the world, please fire them into us here at  parkphoto-at-dundeeconcrete dot com.

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Memorial Project - more skatepark - UPDATED

Long story > short.

After speaking to a few people at Craig's service / wake, we agreed that one of the best ways to build a memorial to him would be to fundraise to make more park in his name.

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RIP Craig McKnight

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Edinburgh Concrete coming along well!

Some pictures of progress of Edinburgh's long awaited concrete creation have been posted over at the Skateboard Scotland website.

Duracrete have started work spraying transitions now and it's looking pretty amazing. There are also computer renderings of some of the park's features so if you haven't checked it out then go look and start drooling!

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Dunno... this modren music and stuff.

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Oh I love fair and balanced media

The Tale of The Better Letter:


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Lighting Pilot Survey

Ok, so of course every one reading this has been coming along to the Wednesday evening Lighting Pilot sessions haven't you? Well, if not there's still another couple of weeks to go with this Wednesday 7th and Wed 14th of October still to go. 

We're looking to get feedback from people regarding the lighting pilot sessions so we've set up and online survey on the site which is in the menu to the left hand side.

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» Published: 2009-10-06 11:41:10
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Lighting tester

Thanks to a joint effort between Leisure and Communites Dept  of Dundee City Council and The good chaps at Dundee Fire and Rescue; at LIGHTING PILOT INITIATIVE will be conducted in Dudhope skatepark.

As long as they can get decent access to suitable spots in the park, they will set up a generator and some portable floodlights for 2 hours:

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It disney really count unless it's at Dudhope...


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» Published: 2009-08-24 15:04:12
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Ross Matthew gains the King of Dudhope title for 2009

Despite the downpour on Friday and Saturday morning by the time Saturday lunch time came about the weather was looking up. The Fundee Jam 2009 defied the weather and a good session was had by everyone who made it along.

After the dust had settled the King of Dudhope trophy went to Ross Matthew who consistently ripped it up all day and seal it with a huge kickflip from the top of the flat area into the depths of wallows.

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