Skate Filming / Screenings - Discovery Film Festival at the DCA

Richie Cummings from the DCA left a comment on the previous entry about some skate film-making coming up next week. It's happening next week Mon - Fri between 6 - 7pm each night, It's for an event called the Discovery Film Festival which takes place between 23rd September - 1st October this year.

I emailed Richie to find out a bit more information, he sent me the following info:

Discovery Film Festival logoScratch Skate Film
21st-25th August
6pm - 7pm
At Dudhope Skatepark

Saturday 26th
12pm - 4pm
At DCA, Activity Room


Work with DCA and filmmaker Populo Antolin, in Dudhope Skate Park all this week between 6pm and 7pm and in DCA on Saturday between 12pm and 4pm to make a 'scratch' Dundee skate movie. If you would like to be involved in the filming, editing or  you have any original footage of you and your mates, bring it along.
In partnership with the DAFT initiative. The resulting film will be screened as part of Discovery Film Festival in September 2006. For more info and booking phone Richie on 01382 909237.

The Festival will have a night of skate movie screenings on Friday September 29th:

Scratch Skate Movie Dundee
Live action
4 minutes
WORLD PREMIERE of 4 minutes of madness made by young people at Dudhope Skatepark with artist Populo Antolin and DCA Community & Education programme. Project in partnership with DAFT Initiative.

Screen Event
Meet Director Mitja Okorn and co-writer Adnan Omerovic. From no budget to high budget through music videos and films. Slovenian director Mitja Okorn is a 25 year old skater and ex economy student who has made the dream leap to become his home nation?s most sought after TV and music video Director.

H?min Bam
Real life documentary
Scotland 2005
Director: Alex Craig
40 minutes
H'min Bam features the cream of Scottish Skaters and all the best spots. From Livi to Aberdeen with a white hot soundtrack, Alex Craig has made Scotland's ultimate Skate Doc. With short animation 'Fonic' by Thomas Selway from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art.

Followed by
Dogtown and Z-Boys
(Cert 15)
Real life documentary
USA 2001
Director: Stacy Peralta
91 minutes
The zenith skate culture movie narrated by Sean Penn, boasting a great soundtrack including Bowie, Aerosmith, Hendrix and more, it brims with the enthusiasm and energy of the originators of the skating ideology.

So, sounds interesting, get up to the park next week between 6 - 7pm and get involved.

Here's a couple of pictures from the leaflet for the Festival:

Skate film screenings at DCA

Cover of Film Festival brochure


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Some more haslam for yis. from 411 vs.


Left by Another visigoth. just passing. on 2006-08-25 15:56:47

Yo! local!!
i get it. your one of those dudes who can only deal with people having fun in a way that is acceptable to you.
were enjoying ourselves. have you never had a laugh before?

peace oot (along wi rats)
have u got a name?

Left by Lewis on 2006-08-25 09:52:59

I once got told the only difference between carling and tennents was the water in carling was english , you sir are clearly much the same , as comparisions between crawfords and laiphroig can only be done whilst truly and utter steaming hanging upside down from dave's wire geetar in the ascot .

Left by Local on 2006-08-24 23:40:57

I like skateboarding, a lot - and i aint too bad at it either, but at least i aint a freak like "visigoths"...
why can't you "skate or die" folk just chill out and stop thinking your little night out on the pull is a big thing... i mean, come on - get to some decent spots to drink you pints of carling extra cold eh?
rice and peas

Left by The visigoths on 2006-08-24 16:58:53

Rumour has it that those inter-galactic skate minks from the so-called "skate or die soundsystem" now have a club night starting a week on sunday. what kind of pagan magick is this?
it is said that skaters can gain entry into this den of sin for free ! !
witchcraft !
those crazy mixed-up guys from the future even claim to have a babe-magnet operating deep within their pyschedelic cavern !
seek these four-wheeled mutants at your peril.
their technology is vile !
and their hearts black !
i know this for sure...
skate or die !

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Doghouse - tonight - stuff - woooo !
skate or diiieeeee !

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Re: arthurstone terrace factory - does anyone remember the scarlet pimpernel ?
or the boy who had blue sweat?
or the tie-dye craze?
did i imagine these things?
i want one of those horns for my lass.

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the perth trophy

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Best ramp skating ever in that vid, ******in hell

Left by Oral homeboy on 2006-08-22 22:00:50

Ahhh excellent...in the mean time folks check out the image bank on: http://www.kennymcleish.com there are a few from hawkie some around the dee, familiar faces and tree's having a rippin crookie.
oh and if you aint seen it...check this too:

Left by Eddie ryce on 2006-08-22 16:27:43

Well the pictures of blair have been sent, get ready to have a laugh, coming over to dundee in october so canny wait to get up to to the park, although i haven't been on a pair of skates since about 1999, jesus i'm getting old. been living indublin now fro the past three years and haven't been home in about teh same time, so have to put in a bit of effort and see the folks.

keep it real people

Left by Rick on 2006-08-22 14:39:40

You can send photo submissions to daryl@dundeeconcrete or rick@dundeeconcrete.com

Left by Jack on 2006-08-22 13:54:28

Gona miss perth but hope it is enjoyed by all.
blair wants blades

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Hey eddie long time no speak? you all good? i can only guess that it is one of kenny's efforts and i already know that it could never top your 'red' photos..hehe. i would suggest to send it to rick but i only have his old email that doesnt work now. i also tried to post a photo embedded in a comment and it aint working. so wha kens!?!

as for the rest of you....perth jam this sunday. be there or eat pear!

Left by Eddie ryce on 2006-08-22 09:21:53

I have a great pic of blair mccafferty in his rolelr blading days, who do i send the pic to to get it posted on here!!!!

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Early grab master got stitches. internal and external. damaged muscles and super gash.
those blocks are evil.
voodoo!!, i tell you.
he's o.k. though. walking and all that.
ratoot. see y'all at the park.....

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