This section of the site is where we'll add video footage, mainly stuff filmed at the park but also stuff filmed elsewhere in Scotland or beyond. We're also trying to get hold of as much vintage skate footage as possible that we will put here for posterity (Nick, I need to get those DVDs off you soon! ~Rick) If you've got any interesting video footage that you think we might like then drop us an email at info }@{ dundeeconcrete }dot{ com.

You'll need the Flash player to watch the footage, go get Flash here if you don't have it. So far we've got the 'Dundee Got Weasel' movie that was created by a bunch of people at the DCA, find out more about it at this blog entry.

The DHSS Video (Extended version)

Running time: 27 minutes - Created in 1990 by Scott Malcolm

I'd love to be able to say that this is the DHSS Video meticulously restored and remastered but unfortunately it's not. The only copy I could get my hands on was a pretty ropey VHS tape that Nick Johnston had! Despite the dodgy quality you'll still enjoy it, as the title says this is the extended version which features an additional section with special guest skaters.

What's that I hear you say? "Who were the DHSS?" Well, given that a lot of you reading this and skating at Dudhope may not even have been born when this video was made I'll let you off! DHSS stood for 'Dundee Hardcore Skate Squad' which comprised of Daryl Smith, Nick Johnston, Aaron Woolley, Scott Malcolm and Rick Curran. Maybe I'll add an additional history section sometime and expand upon this, but for now check out the video. The video is primarily filmed in the first ever Factory up in the Stobswell area of Dundee. Ah the memories...


The VaVa man

Running time: 27 minutes - Created in 199? by Scott Malcolm

This video came off the same tape as the DHSS video so it's a little ropey in places, but like the DHSS one you'll still enjoy it. This is another creation by Scott Malcolm, it was created sometime in the early 1990's but I'm not sure exactly when (Scott, do you remember?).

This video is focused on Aberdeen instead of Dundee this time and as such features various skaters: Raydale Dower, Andrew Philip "Yellow" Dobson, John Rattray (looking very young!), Steven Amato, Hippy, Quarterback Jeff, Kenny Aitken, Dodd, Steve Park and more!

It also features some interesting spots such as the Denburn banks and Quarterback's basement mini.

Swear alert: The f-bomb is used a few times in this video


'Dundee Got Weasel'

Running time: 4 minutes - Created in 2006

4 minutes of madness made by young people at Dudhope Skatepark with artist Populo Antolin and DCA Community & Education programme. Project in partnership with DAFT Initiative.